Introducing our Heritage Period range

Selecting new windows for your property can be difficult, particularly in conservation areas and for listed buildings. Traditional windows add character and retaining this charm is often a priority for homeowners or a necessity in terms of planning permission. Our Heritage range allows you to maintain the original architecture, design and appearance of your home whilst enjoying increased performance and security.

Why upgrade to our Heritage Period windows?

Single glazed windows lose heat rapidly. By upgrading to our Heritage Period windows, you can retain the traditional appearance of your building’s external façade while reducing heat loss and saving money on energy bills. Toughened, laminated or combination glass can be used to give you an even more secure and thermally efficient window.

Our Heritage range makes it possible to combine traditional period beauty with modern functionality, improving the operation of your windows tremendously while allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance.

For customers with buildings regulated by Historic Scotland or English Heritage, our experts will work with you to ensure you are abiding by all relevant regulations.

Glazing Technology for Period Windows - How does it work?

Matching the visible sightlines on new windows against old windows used to be the biggest challenge for any manufacturer. In the past, the thermal efficiency of the glass was compromised for narrow sightlines. However, the advances in slimline glazing technology and Rowan Manufacturing’s’ expertise means this is no longer the case.

Depending on the design of your window and the sightlines required, a narrow cavity of 12-16mm can be created ensuring peak performance of the thermally insulated framework while aligning sightlines perfectly. These units are manufactured using a soft coat low emissivity glass with the lowest ‘U’ values available for the inner pane.

The outer pane can be chosen from a variety of options, such as:

  • Patterned glass - for locations where added style or privacy is desired
  • Solar control & Low iron glass - can be used to prevent excessive heat build-up in high temperatures, keeping interiors more comfortable and reducing the need for costly air conditioning or blinds. To do this, a microscopically thin coating on one side of the glass reflects heat from the sun to the outside; therefore helping to prevent overheating in large areas of glazing, and also reducing glare from direct sunlight
  • Bio-Clean glass - a low-maintenance self-cleaning glass manufactured by depositing a transparent layer of photocatalytic and hydrophilic mineral material onto clear glass. The coating is integrated into the glass, and ensures a high level of durability. The mechanical, thermal and acoustic properties of the glass are identical to normal glass

Choice of Heritage Window and Styles

By combining traditional methods of manufacturing with modern technology, our Heritage range will provide you with the best of both worlds. The beauty of age-old craftsmanship and skill combined with modern draught seals, security fittings and glazing systems results in an expertly crafted traditional window with modern performance capabilities.

For our cost-conscious customers wishing to replace traditional sash and case windows, we offer the latest spiral balance technology which can be used in place of the traditional and expensive weights and pulleys.

Our technical team are ready to guide you through the process, allowing you to make the best choice for your budget, your needs and your home.

Interested in Heritage?