Engineered I-Joists

Engineered i-joists have many advantages over traditional methods of floor and roof construction. Capable of long, clear spans, they allow increased design flexibility. With lightweight construction and dimensional stability they enable simpler installations for the builder and quieter floors for the homeowner.

JJI Joists

As the most widely specified engineered wood product in the UK, we have chosen to supply the James Jones & Sons brand, JJI-Joists. JJI-Joists are the UK’s market-leading I-Joist and the brand most specified by architects. They are manufactured with a carbon negative impact figure to PA:2050 standards.

The JJI-Joist system relies on a unique combination of engineered products designed to complement each other and deliver outstanding performance ideal for floor joists, rafters, purlins and wall studs.


For the most demanding applications, high strength and stiffness combined with dimensional stability makes this the ideal choice for heavily loaded members in floors roofs and walls.

  • Capable of spanning longer distances up to 12m in length
  • Easier to handle, fix and nail
  • Easy installation of services
  • Excellent strength to weight ratio
  • Quicker to install
  • Extremely stable

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