Oriented Strand Board (OSB) is an engineered panel product alternative to plywood. It is manufactured by pressing three layers of wood strands together under high temperature and pressure. The result is a highly durable, rigid and reliable board that can be drilled, sanded, sawn, stained, painted and planed.

OSB is very similar to plywood but has a number of added benefits. Firstly, OSB doesn't suffer from defects such as weak areas and knots as it is made from wood strands. Secondly, it can be manufactured from environmentally friendly, fast growing wood species and can be recycled at the end of its life.

Our OSB2 panels are strong precision-engineered boards ideal for structural use in load-bearing dry conditions. The tougher OSB3 panels are ideal for use in construction in humid conditions.

Selection of stocked sizes

OSB 3 BBA Certified

Thickness Length Width
9 mm 2357 mm 1197 mm
11 mm 2400 mm 1220 mm
15 mm 2400 mm 1200 mm
18 mm 2400 mm 1200 mm
9 mm 2697 mm 1197 mm


Thickness Length Width
8 mm 2440 mm 1220 mm
11 mm 2440 mm 1220 mm
18 mm 2440 mm 1220 mm

Please note: panels are supplied in metric sizes

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