Considerable investment in our milling and treatment facility in central Scotland has enabled us to offer our customers the fast and flexible service which today's markets demand. We stock a huge range of sawn and dressed timbers imported from around the world to our buyers’ extremely high standards and all from totally sustainable forests.

Whether you need softwood or hardwood, sawn, planed, moulded or treated - we can meet your exact specifications. Our service includes daily deliveries from our sawmill to customers throughout central Scotland, giving them the ability to manage their timber stocks on a ‘just in time’ basis.

Sawn Timber

We stock an impressive range of sawn carcassing timber, treated decking and fencing timber, sawn hardwood and clear softwood. Browse our sawn timber collection below for more information on specifications and available sizes.

Dressed Timber

Dressed timber (otherwise known as Planed Square Edge or PSE) has been planed on all sides to give a smooth, sleek finish. It can be used for a range of applications, but it’s best suited to jobs where the timber is visible.

We supply a range of high quality dressed hardwood, redwood and whitewood which are ideal for interior joinery and furniture, mouldings and general construction.

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